Friday, June 12, 2009

Whitman Mission and Museum trip

I know, I's just like my real journaling - sporatic. You should read my written journals. Years go by before I sit down and write something. Anyone that reads them years from now will be saying what happened to her during that time? Well, three children happened. lol

We visited the Whitman Mission and Museum yesterday which I thought was poignant enough to start with.

Not knowing the story of the Whitman Mission, I decided to take my kiddos on the trek. Wow! Was I surprised that a massacre was held there. Lovely.
It was quite picturesque on the contrary.

We met a couple of moms there with their kids and had some fun in the sun.

A light breeze stayed with us as we walked the tour. The grounds were immaculate and just beautiful.

I decided to take the kids up the hill to the main memorial. It was not very far at all. I was quite surprised and they enjoyed it too. The view was so great!

Too many pictures so I put the rest in a slide show if you are interested in seeing more: