Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Anniversary blues AND a bit of a rant...

Ugh! Kind of frustrated with this year's anniversary. I won tickets to go to the American's Hockey game which was my idea in the first place to use as an anniversary "date" night. However, the tickets are on the 23rd (aka the day before Thanksgiving) and also the fact that it would be 5 days after our actual 16th wedding anniversary.
Guess what?!! I got nuttin! Not even a card.
I am presuming that on the 23rd, a card would be nice, but I don't want a damn card now. Hummmph!
You know, is it really that hard to prepare all year for a nice gift for your wife? I mean it's only 1....ONE day out of the year that would be important....well I guess there's 4...birthday, mother's day, Christmas AND your stinkin' wedding anniversary!
Okay, here's my prayer for myself since I am rolling my eyes at the fact that I am being selfish right now...
Dear Lord,
Forgive me for my human nature in expecting something and being so selfish. For I have everything I need, food, shelter, heat, clothes, health, my husband's health, my children and my family. I know you live in my heart and are letting me know that some people don't have any of these things. I also know that you know my heart and sometimes it is corrupt. Thank you for the things I do have and help me to overcome these selfish values that I hold on a pedistal of expectation. For I have the gift of love from my husband who works so hard to provide for our family and I have his love. Amen.