Friday, January 7, 2011

A New Conversation with my child with Autism

I decided to try something new on my son Nathan who is 10 years old. Typing a conversation on notepad together. Here is our conversation: (Nathan's answers are in blue)

hello nathan!


i love you!

i love you too!

do you like cupcakes?


what do you want to do today?

what is your favorite color?


i like pink.

when is your birthday?

do you know?


tell me please.

April 25

great job!!!!!

Are you smart?


what is daddys real name?


what is mine?

hot bread.

no i mean what is my real name?


not your name, my name?


mommy's real name is...


Thursday, January 6, 2011

The ATG gun

I cleaned up my craft room today. It's amazing what a little Spring Cleaning can do when you are motivated!
You should be so proud of me to have cleaned off the kitchen table with that mess you saw in an earlier post.

I also want to followup with where you can get that ATG gun (advanced tape glider) that I spoke about in a couple of previous posts.
I found it at Michaels. Don't ask any associate because they won't have a clue what you are talking about. I found it around the side of an end cap near the stickers section almost at the bottom of the rack. It's retail is $29.99, but I used my 40% coupon and if you buy something this week, they are giving out 50% coupons at the register for next week!
It's worth it because the tape refills are $9.99 for two and you can use the coupons too when you need to. I think I spend $6 for each little tape dispenser and it doesn't go very far. This thing is massive, but awesome! Watch a tutorial like the one I posted previous on how to load or you won't use it and it'll be too complicated.
Oh and it comes in PINK too for breast cancer awareness as a bonus~!

Hot chocolate and a cupcake in the evening.

Sat down at the dining room table and chatted with a friend on the phone tonight. She had invited me to go see Toby Mac on the 30th with a bunch of people from our church. Woot-woot! Should be awesome!

I made hot chocolate for Samantha and I and we shared a cupcake too.

I wanted to share a photo I took last night of my family. They didn't leave me much space to sleep.
Suffice it to say, I moved everyone to their appropriate beds for the night.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Not so advanced in skills today.

First, I loaded my ATG gun wrong so it wasn't working like it was supposed to. Here is a great tutorial on that:

So I made another card today, but it wasn't my best. After waiting for the stickles to dry on the party hat, it ended up with a tiny grease stain from one of the kids eating their lunch at the table. So much for my creative outlet to survive on the kitchen table. har har!
Here is my daughter making a birthday card for her cousin:

And here is the card I made:

On another note I painted my nails real pretty and my mom did the dishes today for me. God is good.

Food for thought...Ricotta Cheese vs. Cottage Cheese

Can you tell me the difference between ricotta cheese and cottage cheese? And can they be used interchangeably? —L.C., Beaubier, Saskatchewan

When a cheese maker separates milk or cream into curds and whey, the curds are used to make cottage cheese and the whey is used to make ricotta. That's why both cheeses, although similarly soft and mild in flavor, have such different textures. Both are considered "fresh" or unripened cheeses. Both are usually sold in the same type of round plastic container. They can be used in many recipes interchangeably, but there are some distinct differences. Ricotta is a soft cheese that has a fine, moist, grainy texture. Cottage cheese is "lumpier", whether the curds are small or large. Cream is added to the curds to create the rich "creamed cottage cheese" we are all familiar with. For low-fat cottage cheese, 1% or 2% milk replaces the cream. A half cup of creamed cottage cheese contains about 115 calories, while 1% cottage cheese has about 80 calories. A half cup of ricotta cheese made with whole milk contains about 215 calories, while ricotta made partly with skim milk has only 170 calories per half cup. Some savory recipes such as lasagna or stuffed shells will accommodate either cheese. However, because of the extra liquid in cottage cheese, the end result will be runnier than if you use the drier ricotta. On the other hand, substituting one for the other in a dessert in which texture is crucial (such as cheesecake) can be problematic, unless the recipe specifies otherwise. In the Test Kitchen, we have had some luck processing cottage cheese in the blender to get a smoother product, but this works best in dips and recipes that can accommodate the extra moisture. So even though the two cheeses can be used interchangeably in some recipes, the recipe itself often dictates which is the better choice.

Obession with Bath & Body Works scents

January and June are the annual clearance months at BBW.
My mom is obsessed with Vanilla Bean Noel.
It's the middle of the night and what is there to talk about besides something pointless and just an observation. To add my 2 cents, I love, love, LOVE Mango Mandarin! Also, Warm Vanilla Sugar and Sun Ripened Raspberry. A new favorite I've discovered is Black Raspberry Vanilla. It's so yummy and tart.
Coconut Lime Verbena is best in the foaming hand soap. My friend Valaney had it in her kitchen when I used it first and I enjoyed it's soft scent that lingered.
So if you want $3 lotions, run don't walk to get your favorite discontinued scents this month!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Another cupcake card...

So I am addicted to robynstamps‬‎ on I went out and bought an ATG gun that she uses. It ROCKS! A must for scrapbookers and cardmakers! (aka advanced tape glider by Scotch brand)
I've been cardmaking today and have created this HUGE mess on my kitchen table. Take a look:

BUT, I did happen to make one last card for the day. And yes, it's another cupcake card. lol

Tim in 'What I Believe'

I'm on a roll!

So I learned a little about how to apply glitter and make it stick/stay adhered to my cards using a glue stamp "pad".
Then I use my embossing gun to set it.

Here I made a cute cupcake card with the cake stand from using my ***Sweet Treats*** cricut cartridge again. I really like how this one turned out...only problem? I made the card too large for the standard envelope which means I have to make my own. I was even thinking of buying those clear envelope protectors because then you can see the cute card inside.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My first post for the new year. Happy 2011!

(This is a shorty.) I decided to do some studying and not the normal stuff. I'm talking about the topic of scrapbooking and card making. First I chose a new cricut cartridge **Sweet Treats** and used my Hobby Lobby gift cards to purchase it. Then I looked up on to see what others were making. So I came up with 3 new cards and I thought I would share my new creations with you.