Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer cleaning...begins?

I think the saying is Spring cleaning, but when you have kiddos in the house, it takes place at all times of the year. My craft room, for example is the epitomy of disaster. When in use, nothing ever gets put away properly. That is my fault, but I have 3 distractions running around. So it's that time of year again to put it back together again. My motivation? Having to take a picture of this horrible mess and post it for my friends to see. lol Here's about a year and a half ago what I would like for it to look like:

So this IS what it looks like now:

June 29, 2012 Beautiful day!

Today was an awesome day! Started off with Samantha's last day of swimming lessons.
Samantha under water

Gorgeous day, I might add. Then we came back home and bummed around for a couple hours. Then I went and picked up Nina and we went to the Uptown Shopping Center to do a bit of "Antiquing" as we call it. (It's not really that we are looking for antiques, it's just that we like older things and repurpose them.)
Oh! Best part...I went to DQ and we all had ice-cream!