Thursday, April 7, 2011

Great cosmetic organizing ideas I found!

Six Cosmetic Storage Solutions
Family Economics

By Trisha

If you are like me and ready to get organized, begin with these three steps:

1. De-clutter: First empty out all your drawers, containers and make-up bags that you use to store your cosmetics. Toss out old and no longer used items.

2. Sort: Make piles of the various types of cosmetics you use such as eye shadows, lip gloss, eyeliners, etc.

3. Organize: Use one of the below options I have come up with to keep your cosmetics organized.

• Option #1: Use plastic shoeboxes with lids to sort and organize your cosmetics. These can then easily be stored underneath your bathroom sink.

• Option #2: Use various sizes of utensil trays and drawer organizers in your bathroom drawers to sort and organize.

• Option #3: Use stackable drawers or drawers on wheels. These come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Designate a different drawer for each type of cosmetic.

• Option #4: Pencil boxes make great cosmetic organizers you can use for each category: eye shadows, lip glosses, brushes, etc.

• Option #5: Over-the-door shoe hangers make a perfect storage solution and create a simple place to see all of your cosmetics at once.

• Option #6: Fishing tackle boxes are great for corralling your entire collection of cosmetics. They are also on-the-go ready when you are.

Now on those crazy mornings when you are in a hurry, your cosmetics are ready to use and can be found quickly.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Going to a "Crop" at my friend Tessa's house today!!!

It's always amazing how much you can accomplish when you go outside of your own home to finish projects. There aren't kids running around asking for your help or to make a pb&j every hour. And also, you don't have to worry about cleaning because it's not your house. Tee-hee!
Woopee! Scrapbooking time!!