Thursday, January 6, 2011

The ATG gun

I cleaned up my craft room today. It's amazing what a little Spring Cleaning can do when you are motivated!
You should be so proud of me to have cleaned off the kitchen table with that mess you saw in an earlier post.

I also want to followup with where you can get that ATG gun (advanced tape glider) that I spoke about in a couple of previous posts.
I found it at Michaels. Don't ask any associate because they won't have a clue what you are talking about. I found it around the side of an end cap near the stickers section almost at the bottom of the rack. It's retail is $29.99, but I used my 40% coupon and if you buy something this week, they are giving out 50% coupons at the register for next week!
It's worth it because the tape refills are $9.99 for two and you can use the coupons too when you need to. I think I spend $6 for each little tape dispenser and it doesn't go very far. This thing is massive, but awesome! Watch a tutorial like the one I posted previous on how to load or you won't use it and it'll be too complicated.
Oh and it comes in PINK too for breast cancer awareness as a bonus~!



That looks like a fun tape runner. I may have to ask for that for my birthday or use what I earn from our craft event to buy it for myself....maybe I'll just mention it to my husband and he'll buy it for me. =) I looked for it in the tape section at Hobby Lobby since I was there tonight and they don't have anything nearly that cool. Thanks for letting me know where to find it.

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no, hobby lobby doesn't carry it. That's why I said Michaels. I've already done the legwork. lol


I just checked Hobby Lobby because I had a gift card from Christmas.
I went to Michael's today and bought one. I love it so far! It was $39.99 instead of $29.99 though. I used a coupon and saved $16.

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